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Photos by Justin Prno

Hi, my name is Victor and this is my handcrafted website

On a voluntary basis, I set up and run many web services and dedicated game servers on my own hardware.
I do this because I want full control over my data while still being able to enjoy all benefits of cloud services.
And it's fun! 🙂

I support free (as in freedom) and open source software, value privacy, free speech and a decentralized internet.

Take a look around!

Btw, this is NOT a LGBTQ promotion page! I used rainbow colors long before it became mainstream.

Nextcloud Nextcloud

Damn Good Privacy

Nextcloud is a file hosting service that anyone can install and operate on their own, private server devices - just like I do. It's a secure place for all your data including contacts, calendar entries and more.

Account is required. I only create accounts for people I like. 😉

If you need more storage space, don't hesitate to ask me.

Nextcloud login

Matrix Server Matrix Server

Wake up... the Matrix has you...

Mainstream messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat and Discord are probably not a safe way to communicate. Companies and governments implement various methods in their messengers with which messages can be stored and spied on - often under the pretext of combating terrorism and/or child pornography (in Germany, for example, this is called "chat control"). While it is important to counteract both, this approach goes too far.

Oh, you have nothing to hide?
Think again! Governments and corporations love to know your last purchase, your bank account and balance, your interests, your sexual orientation, your living conditions, your... This will open up spooky possibilities like the social credit system. BUT...
There are solutions!

Matrix is an open network for secure, end-to-end encrypted, decentralized communication. It's great for chatting with friends (including group chats), file exchange and rooms to discuss specific topics. You can find out exactly how it works on the Matrix webpage.

How to use?

You can contact me via my Matrix ID
Let me know if you are using my homeserver! 🙂

Follow the white rabbit.


For joining Matrix you need to install a Matrix client. There are many apps and programs that can use the Matrix protocol for communication. The most popular one is probably Element but there are also many others.

Create an account.

In your Matrix client of choice, you can create an account on a Matrix homeserver. There is a list of public homeservers - you are free to use any one you like. If you want to use my homeserver, than enter and create an account.

My Matrix homeserver is free to use and 24/7 online (sort of... I always strive for 100% availability).

For now, your account is tied to the home server you created it on, but maybe in the future, account transfer will be a thing. Note that your full account name will include the homeserver name of your choice. For example, if you are going to create your account on my own homeserver, your Matrix user name will be "" and other people (including those from most other homeservers) will be able to contact you by this name. Btw, it's also possible to have multiple accounts on different homeservers.

I wish you a pleasant stay!

TeamSpeak 3 Server TS 3 Server

Okay, cool

Joining the TeamSpeak server is the first thing to do if you want to get in touch with me and my friends to play some games or if you just search for an open and free TS server to use. Everyone is welcome. 🙂

Open all day, every day and free to use!

Server address:

How to join

Joining the TeamSpeak Server

For joining the server you need to install the TeamSpeak 3 Client.
Download it on the official website.
On Linux you can simply install the teamspeak3 package if your distro provides it.

If you are ready, connect with or just click the button below.

Connect with TS client

I wish you a pleasant stay!

Dedicated Game Servers Game Servers

90% Bug Free!

Here is a list of all dedicated game servers I am hosting with all details you need.


A selfhosted freebuild MC server.
The server runs PaperMC with some self-developed plugins.

Only nice players are able to join the server. Get on the whitelist by asking my friends or me in TeamSpeak.

Server information

Server address:
Minecraft version: Release 1.20 (Java Edition)
Server admins: MVP_Underscore, Eliminator77, Orilp, Mounten, Ober_Kellner and it's owner (me) Dunkelklinge1

Current server status: Querying server...
Players online: Querying server...
Server icon: Querying server...


Credit goes to player Orilp, who by far built the most on the server!

Spawn location
Marketplace by Orilp
Buildings by Orilp
Orilp's house

Online map

The server is also equipped with a live online map (dynmap plugin). It can take a little while until changes by players become visible. Also check out the 3D view on the right pane!

Open live map

Garry's Mod

TTT / Prop Hunt

Note: This server is not constantly online and only one of those gamemodes is available at the same time.

Here you can find my Steam addon collection. You can use it for your own server if you want.

You need a password. Again, join the TeamSpeak server to get access. 🙂

Server name for TTT: [GER] Cycasc TTT
Server name for Prop Hunt: [GER] Cycasc Prop Hunt

Technical note: To connect to the server, you need an IPv6 capable internet connection. Make sure that IPv6 is not disabled on your router and on your PC's network interface. Normally, all the prerequisites should already be met and you already have an IPv6 connection.



Note: This server is not constantly online.

Oh. Btw, you need a password to join.

Server IPv6 address: 2a02:908:c201:7000:5054:ff:fead:caa3

Technical note: To connect to the server, you need an IPv6 capable internet connection. Make sure that IPv6 is not disabled on your router and on your PC's network interface. Normally, all the prerequisites should already be met and you already have an IPv6 connection.

Wiki Wiki

„Any fool can know. The point is to understand.“— Albert Einstein

A platform for all the knowledge and documentation for the services that I run, mainly written in german.
Maybe in the future I will open up parts of the documentation for everyone to read. But currently...

...only people I know have accounts and can access all pages.